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Awaken the Saint Within Parish Talk

Have you personally encountered Jesus?

John Kinuthia inspires Catholics to cultivate a deeper personal relationship with Jesus, to cultivate their spiritual life, and live their faith with joy! 

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Did you know that JPII called St. John Bosco the "Father and Teacher of Youth"?

As a teacher, youth minister and Catholic Speaker, John is a wonderful choice for Faculty & Staff Retreats or Student Retreats. he has a love of education and a love for young people. As a Catholic Speaker and educator he inspires both students and faculty in deepening faith in the classroom. 

Choose from


  • Awaken the Saint Within

  • Teaching in the Spirit of Don Bosco

  • or one of the Sacrament Retreats for First Penitents, Holy Communicants, or Confirmandi

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Go therefore and make disciples of all nations...

Matthew 28:19

Join Our Call to the New Evangelization

Share your Story Workshop

Many of us have experienced God's love and providence in our lives but we need to take a moment and reflect on our journey and discover the different times he has made a difference in our life. It might not be a "big conversion story" but many of us have a story to share. The Share your Story Workshop will help you reflect and discover your personal story and how to share that with others in a gentle and inspiring way. 

Sharing your story could be the spark that will inspire others to seek God
and begin or restart their faith journey.

Awaken the Saint Within Retreat
John Kinuthia Parish Mission
Awaken the Saint Within Retreat
Awaken the Saint Within youth retreat
Awaken the Saint Within Share your story
Awaken the Saint Within Parish Talk
Awaken the Saint Within Leadership retreat
Awaken the Saint Within Leadership Talk


Tel: 484-489-0610

Based in the Philadelphia Area

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To support John's ministry and the transformative work that he is doing in parishes, schools and PREP programs please pray for this ministry and consider making a financial donation.  

*Please note- Awaken the Saint Within is not a registered 501C3, any donations made are not tax-deductible

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