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Virtual Lent Retreat Begins
March 5th 2022

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Will you remain indifferent to your vocation to holiness? God is calling you along with each and every one of us to greater union with Him... Together we are on a journey and fighting a battle. Just like the Apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane, we can grow sad and weary from the struggle and drift off to sleep leaving Our Lord to suffer alone. But similarly, Our Lord comes to us to awaken us from this slumber, this kind awakening from God is nothing other than a vocation to become a light to the world and the salt of the earth.


Mediocrity is not an option, we are bound to watch and pray with Our Lord.

We must become saints.

Despite your failings, your discouragement, or your frustrating attachments, you have a saint within you that yearns to find fulfillment by following the will of God. Certainly, this transformation will be the work of grace, but we have our own part to play in disposing ourselves to receive the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. John Kinuthia with Awaken the Saint Within Ministries will help you and accompany you on this journey.

John explains the path to sanctity in five cardinal points (SAINT):

Seek God and His kingdom
Awareness and Acknowledgement of his great love for us
Intentional life of holiness inspired by the Holy Spirit  
Nurture relationships with God, His church, and His People
 Trust in Jesus Christ, Share the Truth of the Gospel and bring         transformation to people

"Man was made for excellence, and this greatness is to be filled with God Himself. When filled with God, we surrender our will and our ways to follow Him."

- Pope Benedict XVI

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it's time to awaken the saint within

"Are you still sleeping and taking your rest? It is enough; the hour has come." - Matthew 14:41

“Are we answering this call to holiness? Are we allowing our
hearts to be consumed by the love of Christ?

Clip from Lancaster Catholic High School Faculty Day of Reflection October 2020


meet john kinuthia

Catholic speaker, Leadership coach, and Founder of Awaken the Saint Within Ministries

John draws from more than a decade of experience as a Catholic speaker, Confidence coach and teacher to accompany men just like you in overcoming their failures, navigating life’s challenges, and deepening their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Despite his success as a speaker and a
coach, John felt unsatisfied... He wanted to do more.

Motivated by this holy desire John founded Awaken the Saint Within Ministries: a community of
Catholic men striving to overcome vice with virtue, grow closer to God, and support one another
in pursuing their call to holiness. Awaken the Saint Within Ministries offers virtual retreats and
one-on-one coaching with John, as well as a dedicated and supportive circle of Catholic men
willing to cooperate and strengthen their brothers in Christ.

John’s core message is summarized by these powerful words of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI,
“Man was created for greatness—for God himself.”

Even if you struggle with weakness, discouragement, indecision, or have fallen into years of
stagnation, John can help you discover God’s plan for your life. Through prayer, guidance, and
practical action he can help you overcome obstacles in your personal and professional life and
awaken the saint that dwells within you.

John resides in Brookhaven, PA with his wife Katie and their 3 boys. He enjoys taking long walks, sports, reading motivational books, and watching nature. As a fellow pilgrim on this earth, John continues to grow and deepen his own personal relationship with Jesus through gratitude, prayer, sacraments, family life, household chores, and the help of Mama Mary and the Saints.

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"Mr. Kinuthia is by far one of the most genuine presenters I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From his introduction all the way through his presentation to a group of our students here at Cristo Rey Philadelphia, he was exceptional. His ability to build authentic professional working relationships is matched only by his ability to equip students with the mindset to achieve their goals."

Louise Antione

Assistant Dean Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School

"John did a spectacular job presenting at our parish. His joy of the Lord and enthusiasm in sharing Jesus with others is contagious! We are planning to have him return soon."

Gina Mesko

Discipleship Coordinator, Office of the New Evangelization for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

"The speaker was extremely engaging. The presentation made me realize even more the need to deepen my relationship with Jesus through prayer."

Participant in Growing the Love of God series

St. John Chrysostom - Wallingford, PA

"The presentation helped me think about how much God has done in my life! It has inspired me to want to tell someone my story."

Participant in Tell Your Story: How to Share What God Has Done in Your Life

Church of St. Joseph - Ashton, PA

"I have enjoyed all of John's presentations. He is energetic, to the point, and very real. He instantly has everyone in the room interested in what he has to share and what he shares is always interesting, useful, and inspiring. John is funny, talented, and insightful. I look forward to attending another presentation."

Doreen McGettigan

Bestselling Author


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