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White people tend to avoid conversations about race for fear of "saying the wrong thing."

People of color in predominantly white companies may avoid these conversations so as not to be seen as a complainer - or worse.

Both of these approaches avoid the "elephant in the room" - and are bad leadership strategies.

How can leaders and managers increase discussion, decrease fear of saying the “wrong thing,” and avoid sidestepping conflict to make the work environment better for everyone?

The key towards approaching the racial divide is 10% conversation and 90% action. Let me help you begin to seek understanding through growth (not judgement) and set expectations towards reaching a lasting solution.

intercultural competency


Seeking understanding not just of others' experiences but also learning about and embracing your own culture while developing the humility of discovering your own cultural bias and privilege


Embracing intentional curiosity and becoming courageous enough to initiate conversations and challenge the comfortable in order to bring real change and healing



Recognizing our triggers and reframing tense conversations so we are not threatened by another's cultural experience and understanding others' experiences by listening and asking meaningful questions



Nurturing the courage to be vulnerable while creating a safe space that allows others to open up about race and interracial experiences through open-ended questions that elicit awareness

Learning to build trust through transformational listening that pays attention to words, tone, or pacing that evokes perspectives or judgements

The SAINT model of Intercultural Competency includes five essential marks for courageous leaders.

why do i need training?

Encouraging sensitivity and understanding in the workplace is a top priority for organizations everywhere...and it should be. Employees who feel understood, appreciated, and valued work far harder and stay at companies longer. Plus, it's just the right thing to do. If you want to be a good manager and leader, then offering a space for your employees to feel safe and appreciated will allow them to trust you and one another.

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The U.S. Department of Commerce projects nonwhite ethnic groups will represent 85% of U.S. population growth by 2050. 


As these changes transform the workplace, being comfortable talking about race will become increasingly important.

get trained

4-6 hours "crash course"

training over 2 days

Day 1: Leadership skills & methods

to support your team

Day Two: Pathways to alignment for addressing cross-cultural issues and being an advocate

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be the leader your employees need

What sets the good managers apart from great is those

that are willing to have the tough conversations.

what people say

"You did what all great teachers and advisors do…you asked great questions, listened actively, and told great stories. You were thoughtful, articulate, engaged, empathetic, patient, and proactive. Above all, you are eminently likeable and reliable."

- James A. Hutchinson, Awaken the Saint Within coaching client


meet john kinuthia

Confidence Leadership coach

John is a confidence leadership coach, DISC certified behavioral consultant, workshop facilitator and a Podcaster who helps professionals overcome their fears, self-doubt, and elevate their confidence to achieve great results personally and professionally.

John has experience training and speaking to diverse clients. As a black person who originated from Kenya, John has a unique outside perspective that enables him to moderate deep reflective conversations that transform lives and does not stone wall, shun, hide or sweep things under the rug and assume things are fine. Bring John, and he will facilitate authentic conversations, a skill he attributes learning from his grandfather, who was a village elder and was wise in facilitating and managing crucial and difficult conversations.

As a leadership coach, John actively listens, and asks thought provoking questions as he guides his clients on clearly defining and writing out their vision, goals, and practical action items to work on after each session. Together John and his clients, develop a 90-day actionable personal/professional growth plan, to help clients intentionally work on their goals as John holds his clients accountable.

When you partner with John you engage with an active listener, an excellent accountability partner and a mentor to journey with you as you reach each milestone.

John is a certified DISC Consultant, Trainer, Speaker and Coach by The John Maxwell Team.

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